Solving Problems with Steel

At Metal Building Industries, we solve your building needs with steel. Providing steel services through all phases of construction gives us the capability to serve you with top solutions to all your steel building needs no matter what phase of a project you are in. We engineer. We design.  We manufacture. We install. All you have to do is choose steel and MBI will do the rest.

Steel Buildings

Structural Steel – Metal Building Systems – Light Gauge Framing Systems

Structural steel, metal building systems and light gauge framing systems all make up the building systems we work with.  Each of these steel systems has its economical benefit depending on the design.  MBI recognizes this value since we not only engineer the structure, but we also buy and manufacture these materials.  This allows us to engineer and design the building utilizing the most economical steel system.

Engineering and Design

We offer engineering and design as needed for some of our projects.  A licensed professional engineer and owner, Bill Andrew, leads the team with his experience and knowledge as a design engineer.  Over the years, he has earned several patents on his designs and uses this creativity at MBI.  Software used includes CAD, 3D modeling, metal building systems and structural analysis programs.

Fabrication and Manufacturing

Fabrication of the building components are done both in-house and with other manufacturers.  MBI utilizes its fabrication capabilities to help control cost, quality and schedule.  Key vendors are used for fabricating large projects which utilize their fabrication equipment and technical expertise with MBI’s oversight.

We manufacture light gauge steel framing – C-studs, track, angle, cold roll and furring channel up to 16 ga.  Our roll-formers transform the flat coil stock into these shapes to whatever length is required.  Studs and track can be marked with our ink jet printer per building code requirements as well as improving construction efficiency.  These components are also used in the fabrication of wall and truss assemblies manufactured at our plant.

Our in-house capabilities include:

Fabricating structural & miscellaneous steel 

Plasma cutting

MIG welding, shielded gas

Light gauge steel rollforming – cut-to-length,  part marking

Studs, track, angle, furring channel

Wall and truss assemblies


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